#292 - On the Code Again… Just Can’t Wait to be on the Code Again

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Motto: Coding with a mug full of Java... C what I did there?

Full disclosure - I'm multitasking.

Yesterday evening I picked back up where I left off 8 months ago. My goals have changed since that time, though. I am not currently operating under the assumption that I will finish all these classes as sort of a preparation for graduate schooling in computer science - but instead I will take these classes because I enjoy doing so. Also, I would like to be able to write The Life Tracker a.k.a. Captain's Log a.k.a. NamePendingThingIDo a.k.a. QUANTIFY YOSELF FOOL as an Android(/possibly iOS?) application.

I don't ever close down dreams. I adjust them to fit my life circumstances.

Anyway, I'm multitasking because I just started with the most basic-fundamental "How to Code for Android" course available. It's targeted at way below my level (#smug), but I want to start as slowly and easily as possible so as not to out-kick my coverage (something that happened last time when I started with the intermediate stuff). Also - as I found out with other Udacity classes I've taken, there's usually my way of doing things and then the correct way, which is always better. 

I can pretty easily split my attention for now. I know from experience that this will get pretty challenging in future courses.

In other news - I bench-pressed 225 this morning for the first time. I've been struggling to raise my bench numbers for years. So, finally pushing through this milestone barrier (225 is the bar plus two 45's on each side) felt really really good. My deadlifts recently hit the 315 milestone, too. I look forward to when those weights become my working sets.

Now my head is as big as my lifting numbers.

In other news - a lightning strike caused a fire super close to my place. That was eye opening. Stuff like that doesn't happen to you, right?

Here's what it looks like, 24 hours later:

That's crazy.

Top 5: Things I Say "Why Don't I Do This More Often?" About
5. Writing code.
4. Riding my bike.
3. Using Plex. It's so cool.
2. Create art of any form.
1. Seeing friends. I do this significantly more than all of the above, but you can never have too much.

"Did you have a terrible beard accident?"
- Josh, but not the normal Josh -