#288 - Everything is Awesome

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Motto: and now, for something completely different!

My wife's name is Melissa. She and I met 6 3/4 years ago at KU in training for our new job. I was fairly recently single at that point, and pretty excited by the prospect of meeting some new girl I'd be working with and the two of us would start dating. It was just a dumb thought I had on my way down to the lobby. I remember thinking it, then immediately dismissing the idea as a wishful daydream.

Only, there was someone. Several months later, we were dating. Several years later, we were engaged. On May 3rd, 2014, we were married. 

That was two years ago. I heard my whole life that you were supposed to get cold feet just before the wedding. I heard that things change, after you're married. I never got cold feet. And, although things did change, the only got better; so those cold feet were not necessary. We've spent the past two years together, and they have been incredible. When it comes to setting up the rest of your life, I pretty much nailed it. All skill.

Speaking of spending time with awesome people, I really enjoy my coworkers. My old job had some people I enjoyed spending time with, but nothing like my new gig. I am enjoying every single person on my team, and have actively sought out team-building experiences with them. They are funny, smart, and overall just really good people. A couple days ago we did a group outing to Breakout KC. Not only did every single person show up, we kicked butts. Broke out NO PROBLEM. I'm 2 for 2 at breakout KC thus far. 

Continuing onward with the theme today, I want to talk very briefly and in a Spoiler-Free manner about Captain America: Civil War.

I saw the midnight premier. Despite a fairly sparse and lackluster crowd, it was probably my favorite Marvel movie experience since watching the original "The Avengers" in theaters. In terms of movie quality, there's a solid argument to be made for Civil War being the strongest Marvel movie to date. I am 100% satisfied with the story, with the action, and with the overall tone of the movie. Without getting into the nitty gritty details, I've got two takeaways:

1) Batman V Superman is easily bested by Civil War. A long time ago, there were some pretty fierce debates by opposing fanboys. Now that both movies have come out, there's really no debate. Civil War was by far and away better.

2) I am so glad Sony and Disney are working together with Spiderman. After seeing the new iteration of Spiderman/Peter Parker, I'm more excited for the future of Spiderman in the cinema.

I told you this post was going to be different.

My feet got royally blistered by playing 40 minutes of basketball without proper footwear. Don't do that. My feet are on the mend. I'm officially able to walk again (only took 5 days!). I appreciate being able to walk again. Having to limp everywhere was a grim reminder of when my back first started hurting... the great thing about that though is that things are great when you're back to normal.

Everything is awesome.

Top 5: Pictures from the Past Week (Two photo-based Top 5's in a row! Let's go for a record!)
5. Melissa is gaw-geous

4. #TeamCap

3. Grandma & Maclee celebrating birthday

2. Realistically this picture has no business being #2. It just worked out this way and I'm too lazy to fix it.

1. Breakout KC champions of the world

"Yeah I went Gumby real quick."
- Travis -

"I see a lot of myself in you right now. You're like a bearded Chuck standing up there."

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