#284 - General Life Update

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Motto: lightly flavored carbonated water ≠ soda


I don't write as much any more. That's just the way things are, and the way they will likely continue to be. It's my official/unofficial policy not to talk about wishing I wrote more. I don't wish that. I write exactly as much as I wish I wrote. See the Top 5 for reasons Columns have dropped down to once every few weeks.

Side benefit of less frequent posts: my quotes are of a higher quality.

Have you heard of the Amazon Echo? It's a discrete little cylinder, slightly bigger than an energy drink can, but smaller than a two liter bottle. It's a consumer electronic device without a screen. How novel! People who have them love them, apparently. The various tech-related podcasts I listen to talk about it every week. I met a dude who owned one. He reflected the common sentiment. Why isn't there an Apple version? Why isn't there a Google cylinder?

I'm watching KU's Sweet 16 game. We are about to win over Maryland. By the time I post again, the tournament will likely be over. I hope we win.

Batman V Superman is officially out. I could be watching that right now instead of writing this, but I don't care enough to try to fight opening-night crowds. Maybe tomorrow. Early reviews seem to point to a common set of highlights and lowlights. Common review score: "meh/10". It looks like Civil War basically has to just show up to play to be better.

I'm good. I'm still pumped about the routine. I'm genuinely enjoying my 9-5 every weekday. I come home to a beautiful woman whom I adore. I have a pair of cats that do stupid stuff and make me laugh. Marvel movies are on the horizon & the second season of Daredevil delivered. My back isn't really bothering me, despite taking almost no anti-inflammatories. I'm getting a bit stronger each time I go to the gym. My work basketball team is doing really well. I'm arguably playing better than ever before. I'm eating better and sleeping better. Really I've been riding a streak of generally good days for quite a while. Like everyone, I'll let a bad day in - but they they can't keep me down.

My goal for this post was to say a bunch of good things and make you, the reader, simultaneously bored and disdainful.

Naw. Not really. I don't say how good things are because that's typically boring to hear, but it needs to be said from time to time. I appreciate this life I've got.

Looking through my recent photos, there's not much to post that isn't already on my Instagrams. So I decided to dig into my "For the Column" folder to find an image representative of this Column. I couldn't decide between these two:

Which one should have won?

Top 5: Reasons I'm Writing Fewer Columns
5. I've seen friends more. It's fun & good.
4. Hitman 2016 came out. It's fun & good.
3. I'm too busy making up excuses.
2. Any given day I only have maybe an couple hour outside of work, working out/playing a social after work sports league game, cooking, cleaning, and sleeping. That's less fun & good, but it's as good as it realistically could be.
1. I find work more intellectually stimulating. It's fun & good.

"How did you know I fart when I get nervous?"
- Jon -

"Wanna be fitness, but don't wanna do fitness."

- BroScienceLife -

"After so many years playing basketball, you get to a point where you're just telling at yourself constantly."

- Chuck, who I believe will continue show up down here more and more -