#281 - New Monitor’s Resolutions

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Motto: Rambling for Rambling's Sake

Yesterday I bought a brand new 28" 4K Samsung computer monitor.

Today I am writing this Column on it.

Tomorrow I'll be returning it to the store. 

I'm disappointed to have to do so... but it's necessary. If I were doing a single-monitor setup & the panel I bought was better quality & my graphics card were better, it would be make for a GREAT experience... however none of those things are true. For more information, check out the Top 5. For less information... uh... I don't know. I don't think I can do that for you. You've already read it. That's sorta on you.

Note: this Column was written over several days' time. The "day" references are all jacked up.

Speaking of "jacked" - I was confronted the other day with a person who did not understand my usage of the word to convey excitement. "I'm jacked!" was met with "what do your muscles have to do with Deadpool?". Upon explaining that "jacked" can also mean "excited", I was met with skepticism. When asking around about people's perception of the definition, I met a person who completely agreed with me and another person who had an even further reduced scope of definitions. To her, "jacked" was only a word that could be used in reference to vehicles being jacked up.

I think that's jacked up.

Deadpool was great.

The new Hitman game has a beta out right now. It's alright. I'm pretty much done with Fallout 4. I mean that both like "I've had enough" and "I think I've done all there is to do". Mostly, I'm really tired of writing "Fallout 4" in the Life Tracker's "what did you do today?" section. The Second-a-Day video has at least a half dozen seconds that are just "here's me playing Fallout 4". I'm not happy with that fact.

This Column has used a ton of quotation marks.

Okay - something I've been meaning to write about: I predict the future of consumer tech is augmented reality.

We are nowhere near where we need to be before this can become reality, but this is what I'm predicting:

Phones, computers, smartwatches, televisions - all of these things have screens. Particularly in the case of phones and smart wearables, we carry around little screens with us everywhere. They are bright, limited in size and scope, and overall somewhat limited. I think that someday we will develop some sort of Google Glass-like wearable that removes the need to carry around any other personal electronics. The interface will just appear in front of you. Interacting with it will be done accomplished via some sort of neural link. 

I could write a lot more about that, but I'm boring myself over here. Please accept this cat gif as my apology.

Top 5: Reasons I'm Returning My New 28" 4K Monitor
5. I want to keep my old 1080p monitor around. Running dual monitors with a difference in resolution that's that stark is a bit rough.
4. Despite some genuinely impressive things Microsoft has done with Windows 10 to handle a dual-display setup (DPI scaling on a per-monitor basis and other such things), the programs I use don't necessarily handle that transition well. My video editing program's interface is tiny.
3. Give all the other reasons around this one - I could get a cheaper monitor that suited my needs better.
2. Compared to my 5+ year old 1080p Samsung monitor, the new one appears
washed out. The TN panel on the new one really doesn't cut it when it comes to color saturation.
1. Despite my initial belief, my GTX 750 TI OC graphics card does not appear to even have the necessary plugs to run a 4K monitor at 60Hz. I wasn't expecting to run 4K games, but I was expecting to at least be able to roll my mouse across the desktop without getting motion sick (this literally happened last night). Turns out 30Hz is the biggest deal-breaker of them all.

- Wade Wilson -