#278 - One Thousand Days

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Motto: I have two on-going projects over 1,000 days old because I've only ever had two good ideas

This post going to be very short. I just wrote and published a "The Life Tracker Feature" elsewhere on this blog. This post is mostly to point out that is available for read.

Told you this was going to be short. Click that link. Here it is again, just cause.

Here's a picture:

Top 5: Things I SHOULD Have Written About Also
5. Melissa hung up some color-changing IKEA lights behind her monitor. Now her desk is wicked awesome. In a Boston accent, please - Wicked Ahhsum.
4. I love Nalgene bottles, but it turns out I also love Blender Bottles. It could just be that I love waterbottles?
3. 7 Wonders, Splendor, Dominion, Pandemic... I like games. Melissa and my collection is getting respectable.
2. I have two projects that are over 1000 days old at this point... but I also have a staggeringly impressive project graveyard. The massive website re-design (away from Blogger) is fighting to leave that graveyard... but that will have to wait for another day.
1. Melissa and I watched "Marvel Live!" with the Fuller gang & Emily. It was mostly aimed at 10-year-old superhero lovers, which meant I was perfectly in their demographic. It was
AWESOME. So many cool stunts. The photo from above was in no way representative of the show... it's just that when people where flying through the air on wires, doing wheelies on motorcycles, and doing all sorts of flips and fight scenes I was TOO CAPTIVATED to take pictures.

"My favorite joke was when Captain Marvel just said 'Beastie boys', as if that were a joke."
- Emily -