#273 - 30 Day Challenges are Challenging

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Motto: I have half an hour to write this

It's the beginning of the month. That means I'm transitioning between two 30 Day Challenges. Here's where I reflect on my previous month and set a new goal:

Last month's challenge - Sweat 5 Days a Week
Results - Glorious failure... sweat barely over 3 days/week in reality
Reflection - Disappointment with self

This month's goal: No screens after 10PM

I am going to do this. I have only really had 2 "good" months out of the first 10 months of 2015 in terms of successful challenge completion. That's terrible. Here's to turning it around.

Having said that, this month's challenge might be particularly challenging because I GOT THE NEXUS 6P TODAY! It's gorgeous. It's wonderful. My Nexus 5 went from "meh" to "AGGGH GET IT AWAY FROM ME IT'S HIDEOUS" in 5 seconds. The screen quality alone is reason enough to switch. See the Top 5 for more.

Here are some relevant pictures:

Had to use a GoPro to take this picture - does not do the screen difference justice
The first picture I took with it
Same spot, using my older Nexus 5 phone
The burst mode on the camera makes a .GIF automatically

The Royals won the World Series yesterday. I literally thought I'd never see that happen. It was too dark out to see the all the pigs flying.

I've seen all 4 of my groomsmen from my wedding within the past week after not seeing any of them for several months. I prefer seeing them over not seeing them. I prefer friends over not friends in general, actually. Life lessons.

Alright. 5 minutes to spare. I gotta go play with my new phone for 4 minutes really quickly!

Top 5: Things I Immediately Appreciate about My New Phone
5. The metal build. The weight. They beauty. The Nexus 5 was never an "ugly" phone, but it's hard to deny that the Nexus 6 is a looker. It feels premium. I like it.
4. The fingerprint sensor. Although my phone is hardly ever actually locked on account of me using a smartwatch and Android's nifty "Trusted bluetooth connections" feature... the integration with Lastpass alone is worth the fingerprint being on this list. It's saved me from typing in my 20+ character-long password probably a dozen times today. It's a revelation.
3. The speakers are on the FRONT of the phone... and they are GOOD. It actually will take some getting used to. I'm not used to hearing my notification sound so well. I had a speaker phone call today, it was a night-and-day type difference compared to the Nexus 5 of yore.
2. The screen. Oh my goodness the screen. It's 5.7 inches of gorgeousness. What makes it gorgeous is NOT the 1440p part of the screen, it's the AMOLED screen type (as compared to most phones' LCD screens). It's colors are amazing. It's big, beautiful, bright, and handles contrast way better than LCD ever could.
1. The camera doesn't take 15+ seconds to open up, find a focus, and take a picture. Beyond that, it's pictures don't look like they were taken through a light layer of fog. It's also helps that I get to see the pictures it takes so much better thanks to #2 above.

"Guys, it's because I put on my rally pants."
- Jon -