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Motto: I'm the Guy in the Suit

This post was written more for me than usual. Proceed with caution and/or boredom.

Most of my writing lately has funneled into the MCU Feature. I didn't make that a link, because what's on this site doesn't reflect the current state of the Feature. I don't like Blogger's text editor for advanced formatting. I want my Features to be formatted nicely, sort of a showcase of "I could be doing this every time". So I'm writing the Feature elsewhere, and will hopefully figure out a way to display it on this site that maintains my formatting.


It's October. Traditionally, October has been my bulk month, but I am taking bulk off this year for a couple of reasons:

  1. I don't have access to a gym with a proper squat rack or bench press. Bulking without lifting heavy is just called "getting fat". So I'm not doing that.
  2. I am in two basketball leagues, playing at least two games a week. It's come to my attention that I could use some cardio love. Bulking runs counter to that end.
The 30 Day Challenge for this month will instead be "break a sweat 5 days a week". That should be nice and easy without being too nice and easy. I very badly need to get back on top of my health game. So this covers that.

In my writing of the MCU Feature, I've been rewatching the series. I still pull out new things from these movies... not saying they are super deep or anything - I'm just saying that almost every movie usually has a few things you can't pick up without repeated viewings. I've fully changed my opinion about a few details from these movies because I've picked up new things this time around.

I babysit my niece and nephew. Kids are getting less scary... but that brings them from "the scariest thing I can think of" levels to "less scary than 'The Ring', but still way up there" levels.

Proof I have the best friends:

Top 5: Things that Happened in 2008
5. Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" comes out. It blows away everyone's expectations, but doesn't earn the top-scoring "superhero movie" spot on this list.
4. I switched majors from Film Studies to (journalism, then computer science, then computer engineering, then...) Electrical Engineering
3. HTC came out with the "HTC Dream", the first ever Android device
2. Marvel came out with Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, marking the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
1. The University of Kansas won the Orange Bowl (football) and the National Championship (men's basketball)

"It's National Coffee Day. We gotta go take some artsy pictures and Instagram them."
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