#266 - Simple Writing About My Big Week & Phone

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Motto: Simply Perfect

I am writing whole piece this using only the ten hundred most often used words. I am doing this because a guy whose work I enjoy did this, which you can see by pressing these words. I am using this thing he made to check my work.

This week is a big week for me. A company I really like put out their newest phones. A different company I really like is BOTH coming out with more of their television show AND their movie to buy that you could not get until now. An short movie maker made a short movie about the movie I am excited to buy. Touch here to see that. Last, a different movie is coming out that my wife and I both want to watch. We read the book from which this movie came last month. It was very good so we expect the movie to also be very good. I am excited for these things, and other things coming soon.

I ordered the larger phone. It comes in six weeks. It has many things I am excited for: 
  • The camera that has larger light gathering spots so more light comes in for your photos.
  • A camera that is faster than before and it takes bigger photos (because it has more light spots).
  • The phone should live for longer between powering times.
  • The larger screen that can light up some parts while not lighting up other parts if it wants to.
  • The new running system that does new and cool things. 
  • Much like my wife's phone:
    • The outside of it is made of metal and not plastic.
    • It looks at your finger to know who you are.
    • The flash has two colors to make pictures look better.
    • It's bigger than my old one.
    • It can make slow movies.
    • It can make big movies.
    • It has more space to save stuff.
  • There are two speakers, and they are on the front of the phone.
  • There is a new power line that works both ways and works faster.
  • It looks like this:

That black bar on the back is strange, but I will get used to it. I am already used to it. I now like the black bar.

Writing like this is actually really fun. I wouldn't want to do it all the time, but it really makes you think about what you are saying. I have a problem where sometimes I say things or ask questions that don't really get the information that I want to get. If I want to know whether or not I should take a plate from the table for someone I ask "do you want more food?", when instead I should ask "do you want me to take that plate?". 

Just now, I used a thing I learned a short time ago to figure out what words I can say by looking in a special way at this page. I can see all the words at once. Most people wouldn't know how to do what I just did. That made me feel cool for a second.

I very much enjoyed writing this.

Top 5: Good Doers, in Order of My Liking for Them 
5. Hard metal man
4. A God from another world
3. Small eight leg thing man
2. Big strong green guy
1. Red, white, and blue leader guy

"You said 'wet farts'."
- Krista. Side note: You have to give me a pass on the words "farts" and "Krista". They do not fit in line with this way of writing. -