#263 - Winfield, Work Trip, Site Updates, Marvel Sound Effect Video

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Motto: Grass.RGB(0,0,255)

I am in the Hill's camper at Walnut Valley Blugrass Festival in Winfield. It's raining pretty hard, so we're stuck indoors. I'm okay with that, the "just hanging out in the camper" has long been one of my favorite parts of Winfield. This is my third (fourth?) trip to Winfield. The first time I came, I came because because Melissa wanted me to. The second time, I came because I wanted to spend more time with the family. This time, I came because I wanted to come to Winfield.

I just got this shirt.

My Chromebook's camera is awful.

In other recent news: I took a work trip to San Antonio. It's a pretty town. The Riverwalk is awesome. I wish Kansas City had anything like it. On this work trip I got to attend an Open Compute Project conference and hear a bit about who they are and what they are doing. It was cool. Also very cool was the office space it was being held in. Rackspace's office building is sweet. I have a ton more I could say I appreciated about the trip, but I like to keep work stuff out of the Column - so I'm going to leave it at that.

I made a video about sound effect continuity across the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is that video:

Also, a metatorial note (that's a portmanteau of "meta" and "editorial"):

I added a couple of pages:
Those pages are not "final". They will all be continually updated - as necessary. There are some known changes coming. "Features" will be added - I've got a one already written, and one in the pipeline. The "Projects" page will have a little blurb/background about each project.

Top 5: Worst Fast Food Joints
5. Taco Bell
4. Hardees
3. Wendy's
2. McDonalds
1. Burger King

"Not everything should be logical"
- A networking engineer - about the decorations during our Rackspace tour -