#252 - Short One with a Video and Some Other Stuff

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Motto: Healthy Living, No Gimmicks

GoPro makes one heck of a promotional video. Their newest "GoPro HERO4 Session" camera is tiny, but ultimately not compelling given the sacrifices it comes with. I'd say that's a shame, but thankfully I'm glad I don't want one.

I like what I've been able to do with mine. There's no wrong way to use a GoPro:

That was Tony, my dad, and I. We were shootsin'. Killing time, mostly, until I a new niece!

This Saturday (August 1st) is my 27th birthday. I've come to accept that I'm old. SO OLD.

I'm still doing 30 Day Challenges. July was to "Rewrite the Life Tracker". It was a complete success. I'm writing about August's challenge now because I don't want to muddy up my next update with 30 Day Challenge stuff. My next post will include my 3rd Second-A-Day video - "My 26th Year".

August will be a busy month. Each day I will:
  • Run a mile
  • 100 pushups
  • 15 pullups
  • Drink only water & coffee
  • Eat in, eat up
  • Bed at 10
  • Wake at 6
  • ...and my stretch goal: Stretching (for 15 minutes)
Summarizing all these things - August is going to be a "Month of Healthy Living Habits". They say the key to long-term success is to make little changes over time. I'm tired of that so I'm going to use the shotgun approach.

I told you this was going to be short. Here's the picture to go out on:

Melissa is back out of town for work again. So this picture is for me.

Top 5: Things I Own, by Usage Time
5. Car
4. Television
3. Phone
2. Bed
1. Clothes

"Let's make a club for people who own Nalgenes, Timbuk2 bags, Streamlight pen lights, Leathermans, Glocks, and G Shock watches."
- The first thing ever written in my year-old-and-still-going Hangout with Joe, Josh, and Jon  -