#248 - Column Without Typing Anything Fancy

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Motto: This Post Brought to You by ABCDFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

Last night I told a group of pals I was with that I was going to try to craft this Column with a twist. I will clarify what I'm doing as I wrap this post up, but if you don't know what I'm doing, try to work it out - bonus points if you got it by this paragraph!

Truly, this isn't all that difficult.

My Mrs. is starting grad school in August. Until that point, Mrs. G is working a nifty job. It affords Mr. G (Aaron, "this guy") a lot of "guy" hours, with which I can do anything I want. Days 1 through 6, I didn't do a good job with (tons of TV and similar stuff), but on all coming occasions I am going to do accomplish lots. Goals! Know yours!

Okay, this is a bit hard.

Pixar's 15th film (which I saw ~10 days ago) will win awards.... as it should. It's brilliant. It's funny. It's moving.  It got a bit of action going in my nasolacrimal ducts on two occasions... about an imaginary guy who is known as "Bing Bong". That's an unusual thing for a film to accomplish, and an odd way in which to do it.

I look forward to fall. With any luck, "Goog"s will put out an Android product that's worth its purchasing sum. It's last product was way too big, both physically and in cost. Nobody I know has it. It was a bit of a flop. I doubt many would fight against that opinion. This is my 20th month with what's on its dock, juicing up right now.

I'll cut this short, partially inasmuch as it's actually difficult to do. Ugh. What is so difficult, you might ask? Saying what you want to say without using any "E"s.

Photo to go out on - Swimming with a GoPro:

Top 5: Plans for July
5. Coding my thing in a tidy way
4. A 30 Day (Task) for this month
3. A bit of TV
2. Go through my photos and pick out good from bad
Classwork through Udacity - Android & JavaScript stuff

As Said:
"Am I who you want to know?"
- Krista said (almost) this -