#247 - I’m Annoying

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Motto: I've got a long way to go

I re-wrote the HTML template for the Column from scratch. In theory, that should load this post a tiny amount faster. In actuality, it just means that I've learned the concepts of HTML and not just how to copy & paste it. 

Of course, when I paste things into this editor box Blogger just decides to make treat every little thing as its own containerized piece of HTML. So my work was for nothing. Stupid Blogger. I'm looking forward to my coming move off Blogger to an actual website.

Melissa is in Pasadena, CA. I've learned (and re-leared) a TON of (mostly annoying) things about myself while she's been gone:

  • When I cook meals for myself, they usually consist of one course.
    • Yesterday's Breakfast: Cereal.
    • Yesterday's Lunch: One pound of sausage and 4 eggs wrapped in a couple tortillas. 
    • Yesterday's Dinner: a pound of baked chicken breast seasoned with Mrs. Dash.
      • Reminder: Buy more Mrs. Dash Chicken Seasoning.
  • I can waste a HUGE amount of time "half doing" two or three things, while actually accomplishing nothing. Usually, while this is going on I've got the sense that I'm forgetting something the whole time... only to realize at the end that I haven't been forgetting anything. or, rather, I forgot that there was nothing to remember.
  • I am good at keeping the place organized, but not good at keeping it clean. The apartment right now is a neatly organized cluster of dirty surfaces.
  • I have, in fact, seen all the episodes of American Dad and Futurama on Netflix, despite not remembering when I watched them.
  • Having a cat on my lap is excuse enough to hold my pee for 20+ minutes.
  • I spend too much time in front of screens. I will probably write more on this in another Column soon.
  • When I work out, I will stay at the gym for a LONG time if there's no reason to go home. This one is actually a good thing.
  • If I only eat when I'm hungry, I don't eat very much at all. My natural state is one of perpetual weight loss.
  • This one has nothing to do with Melissa being gone, it's just something I've realized since I took the GRE and written some stuff for work. I am and have for a long time been having a real problem with brevity that I could  really stand to make some marked improvements on. Often I will find myself saying tons of unnecessary words just to say the couple of words that I actually wanted to say. For example, let me rewrite everything I just accomplished saying:
    • I could be more concise.
      • Taa-daa!
  • I am not good at being social. I am not saying I am bad in social situations... I'm saying I'm bad at putting myself in them. Despite living only minutes from several, I have made zero attempt to see friends since Melissa left.
  • I sleep at a 45 degree angle across my bed.
  • If left to my own devices, I let my mood guide my actions instead of the other way around. 

That's about it for now. I hope this was entertaining.

Top 5: Things I Accomplished in the Last Week
5. Caught up on my 3rd Second-a-Day video
4. Started the re-factoring of the 3rd version of the Life Tracker - was supposed to get way more accomplished here than I did.
3. Got the place really dirty... then clean again.
Slept a lot.
1. Enjoyed a lot of Netflix, YouTube, and Podcasts.

"You guys know who I like? Johnny Bravo."
- Josh -