#243 - Short Post - Meta, Google I/O Hopes

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Motto: I think Parcheesi is a cheap, unpleasant, and blatantly inauthentic game

I am writing this on our porch. We really like our place. Even after the "newness" has worn off we've still comment about our deep affection for our home every day, and that's a really nice feeling.

The Column here I'd like to take in a slightly new direction. I'd rather produce shorter, more well-edited posts than I have been writing. This will be the first of that not-too-drastic change in direction.

This week is Google I/O. I/O is Google's annual developer conference that I've written about many, many times. Rather than tell you my predictions based off other people's speculation, I'm just going to tell you what I hope will happen.

I hope Google announces a Nexus device that doesn't turn out to be a massive flop. I hope they announce new features and updates to existing ones that provide a clear direction for 2015. Last year was a bit of a down year. I hope not to look back on I/O 2015 and be disappointed.

I started to write a post a few days back that didn't talk about Google, Android, Life Tracking, Marvel, or the word "I". I didn't give you that. Instead you got this.

Yesterday Melissa and I watched one of our mutual friends and coworkers from 5 years ago get married. Congratulations to Steve and Kaitie and thanks for the great night.

Here's the picture to go out on - I took it at our pool earlier today:

Top 5: Potential Futures for "The Column"
5. Leaving Blogger for an actual website.
4. What makes up the Column now may be broken out into different sections. Each of the sections will be treated differently.
3. "Feature" posts will become "living" posts. There will remain few in numbers, but will grow and change over time along with my thoughts about their topics.

2. Like the Features, posts made specifically to share a self-produced piece of media will be curated.
1. "The Column" will still very much be a thing. It will still contain a Motto, Top 5, and Quote.

“Write it in your calendar. 'Age 60, can still dunk'.”
- Mr. Wilke, the officiant at the wedding, gave me this goal when we met and talked about us both being around 6'8" -