#24 - Practice

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Motto: Practice makes perfect.

I am officially back home. I’m not sure for how long, though. I am here until after Melissa gets home and I can do some soul searching. That is also dependent on the whole job situation, which I expect to be set in stone by this time next week.

In the meantime, I am going to do a little rearranging of my living space here. This started last night when I disassembled the fooseball table and freed up that corner. I drew up a desk for the new nook. With watchful pointers from the old man, I cut and crafted my original design to near-perfection. The biggest fitting/design/construction error I’ve seen is a 1/8th inch gap in a cosmetic board. Oh, and my spraypaint job sucked. I consider this practice. Practice for designing and building useful things for the rest of my life. It’s not very sophisticated, but it’s something.

The desk is getting some final post-build revisions tomorrow morning. My next post will show the final product all loaded up with what it was designed to hold. So… look forward to that.

Still no California updates. Seeking a meetup with my 2nd cousin. If I can get that to work out, I’ll be visiting two people you could find on IMDB. No big deal. If I’m not famous by association by the time I get back it will be some sort of a tragedy.

Top 5: Stages of the Build

  1. The design

  1. The disassembly and scrounging

  1. The measuring, cutting, and rigging

  1. The install

  1. The (mostly) final product


“If the women don’t find you handsome, they’ll at least find you handy” The Red Green Show