#234 - February 30 Day Challenge & the Next Few Months

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Motto: You Can Never Achieve Perfection, You Can Only Get Closer

Transitional periods are difficult. Nothing will mess up your daily routines like knowing they will be changing soon. Since Melissa and I signed a lease on a new place, we've up-ended the usual routine. I look forward to moving not only because our new place will be much nicer than our current one, but also because it means we're hitting the reset button on a lot of things. We're starting from scratch. Establishing new habits. I'm a huge proponent of setting up healthy habits when you first enter a new environment. I think location drives behavior moreso than any other factor.
A review of February's "30" day challenge: No TV No Videogames (except on Thursdays) We did a great job of abiding by this rule until about halfway though the month. Then we started taking additional cheat days. By the end, the goal may has well have said "slightly less TV and videogames". I'm disappointed with my performance on this challenge. It's not that it was particularly difficult, I think. It was more just that I had other things on my mind and didn't really consider the challenge. I didn't think much about it. I'm going to take the month of March off. I want to give myself a break so I can re-dedicate to the 30 Day Challenge project come April. I'm excited for the future. March brings a new apartment, and exciting basketball games. April brings warmer temperatures. May brings Melissa and I's 1-year anniversary, the Avengers, and the start of Melissa's summer break. June & July bring the true summer break - vacations, home projects, other fun stuff. Good stuff is coming. The picture to go out on - I tried out that new Timbuk2 bag at REI:

Top 5: Concepts I've Tried to Theoretically Idealize on at Least 6 Occasions
5. The perfect, healthy, flexible, and maintainable daily/weekly routine
4. The perfect homescreen and application setup on my phone
3. The perfect workout routine to balance strength, cardio, athleticism, and flexibility
2. The perfect EDC that balances utility with frugality
1. The perfect, flexible, and maintainable notetaking software & structure

“I am so relieved I can't believe all of my sphincters didn't spontaneously relax.”
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