#232 - Mostly Updates to Projects

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Motto: Your Projected Projects Project Your Identity

Writing this in a coffee shop. I'm so hipster*.

*according to Jon, who lived in Seattle and thus knows "hipster".

Melissa and I found a new place, as my last post said. We move in 20 days from now... but you wouldn't guess that was the timeframe by looking at our current place. Melissa packed up 50% of our place already. It's impressive.

I wrote this Column mostly just to write down my Top 5.

My Nexus 5 died. The hardware power button was going bad on me starting around a month ago. 3 days ago it stopped working all together. I pulled the phone apart, unscrewed all the screws, unclipped the electrical connections, pulled out the circuit board, cleaned out the electrical component power button, and put everything back together. Then it booted up and ran fine. It was a cool experience. So it's working now*, but I'll still be in the market for a phone again pretty soon.

*except for the wireless charging and NFC, which I cannot seem to get working.

My Life Tracker thing continues to get cooler. I used this formula in a column of cells:


Here are some new insights I've found from the updates I just made to the "yearly" summaries - compared to 2014, in 2015 I...

  • Sleep 12 minutes less on average
  • Am 11% more likely to workout on any given day
  • Take 192 more steps per day
  • Weigh 1 pound less (this calculation can be done as simply as "what I weigh now minus what I weighed then", but this was done in a hilariously complicated way)
  • Eat 23 more grams of protein (the equivalent of 1/5 lb chicken breast)
  • Am less productive by an average of about 1 goal/day (of the 25 total possible)
Anyway. I'm really happy with the thing. I'm still interested in making it into an app. Turns out that's difficult. I'll give it another go someday soonish.

Completely unrelated picture to go out on - Melissa says "TWO THORS!"

Top 5: Coming "30 Day Challenges"
5. Sleep 8 hours a night. No ifs, ands, or buts. Go to bed early. Wake up 8 hours later.
4. Try the iPhone for a month. I'm not sure I can do this one, but if it's possible it would be fun to try. I'm in the market for a new phone soon anyway. If I can return an iPhone within 30 days of purchase, I'd like to give it a shot for a month.
3. IIFYM diet. I've been wanting to do this one for forever. I might combine it with some sort of workout challenge focusing on overall fitness.
2. Go to only to new places. Don't walk into any business you've ever been to before. Eat at new places. Shop at new stores. I'm thinking about doing this one next month (during the move).
1. Use the amenities every day (at our new place). Looking to do this one in April after we've settled into our new place. The amenities look super nice, but they only do you good if you use them.

“Iggy... This is Iggy's castle... Iggy Azalea named herself after this castle”
- Nick, after beating the first castle in Super Mario World -