#221 - According to the Rules

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Motto: #hashtag

I write these posts according to my own (previously) unwritten rulebook. Today I am going to define those rules in the Top 5. I bring the rules up because I just wrote the majority of a post that broke several of them. What you see below is what remains of that post (seriously, between here and the Top 5 is what remains after I hit "backspace" a whole bunch).

In the past 20 days, I've written only 2 Columns. That's below par, but not in a good way. I'm not going to apologize for not writing more. I just wanted to say that it's ridiculously clear to me now that how things are going at work & in my personal life directly affect the Column.

I've had a difficult few weeks. I haven't had the "me" time that I need to write these things. It's late and I should be in bed.

Top 5: Previously Unwritten Rules of The Column
5. Be entertaining. If it's not worth reading it's not worth posting. Note this doesn't mean "be funny 24/7".
4. Your audience is potentially anyone. When you are writing something, try to imagine the worst person in the world that could possibly read it. If nobody comes to mind, then you're probably okay posting it. If you can think of anyone for any reason, even if they aren't likely to ever see it, you're better off without it.
3. Keep private things private. This includes writing about your relationship. Relationships are private. The internet is not.
2. Include a Motto, Top 5, Quote, and a picture of some sort. That's bread and butter.
1. Complaining should be rare. Compliments should be frequent. Commentary is... well... it just is. I just wanted three long "C" words to finish out this rule set. Three sounded better than two.

Regarding #2 from above:

I took that pano earlier today - so I can't complain too much.

“Carbs are my favorite food.”
- Josh -

“Dude. Cheeseburger is all I want in my life.”
- Jon -