#21 - My Last Summer’s Last Week

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Motto: Short and Sweet.

The last summer of my life is coming to a close. I know this because the lease on the apartment I’m in is about up. We are moving out next weekend. 7 days from now. From now until retirement, I’m just going to be working. I hope vacation time is like summer time. Maybe I hope to make a career in something that naturally gives me a couple weeks off here or there. Maybe something with lots of travel for the next few years. Maybe.

Today I spent a bit of quality time with some friends that, in all likelihood, I will only see once more, if ever again. It was good times. I am glad I got to have them.

Also today - I realized that I had no “goal” in mind with my desire to get in (better) shape. I have never really stopped and thought, “what super-tall guy would I want to be like”. This lead me on a thought tangent that ended up down a line of Google searches I never thought I would ever make. I winded up with a few aspirations. If I could size up a dozen or so pounds in the right places I think I could have played Colossus in X-Men 2 and 3. That’s this dude:


He (the actor, Daniel Cudmore) is between 6’6” and 6’8” depending on what website you believe. He is large. But not humongous. My first goal’s set.

Now I just have to work out and eat right. That’s the easy part, right?

Engineering Binder Update: 68 pages long. Total estimated completion: 15-20%

Top 5: Favorites of the second 500 XKCDs

  1. I Know You’re Listening - #525

  1. Correlation - #552

  1. Computer Problems - #722

  1. Ohm - #643

  1. Google+ - #918


“Aaron, you might have too much time on your hands” Josh Weltha, after I told him that I did some math and found that the current national debt weighs over 100,000 TONS if you were to pay it in $100 bills