#204 - Winfield

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Motto: My Grass is Blue

This is going to be a fairly short post. From last Wednesday to last Sunday Melissa and I attended the 43rd Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival. Here are some reflections from my mini-vacation.

The environment at Winfield is a completely unique and an absolute joy. Nowhere else would you ever find such a large, dense grouping of nice, accepting, and perhaps most of all talented people.

Everyone camps at these festivals. The campgrounds are full up with tents, RVs, campers, bivvies, you name it. Melissa and I got to try out our new camping gear, which we were impressed with.

Bluegrass attracts a wider variety of people than you'd expect. I learned this my first time at Winfield. I relearned it my second time.

I cannot play music on anything. The older I get the more I resent that fact about myself. Melissa is trying to remedy this, but it's a slow process because I'm stubborn and particularly "average" in that area.

Weaving between campsites as you walk from one corner of the fairgrounds is an experience like none other. You'll never be completely out of earshot from some pack of people somewhere playing live music. When you find one song fading away you'll find another one from another group is taking its place.

Carp camp is huge. And fun.

To say Colby camp is good is to say that I am kind of above average in height.

Speaking of height, walking around heavily populated areas with an obvious and non-taboo physical anomaly gets old pretty fast. I've gotten used to it, but my cohorts were consistently crabby about the constant commentary of the casually camping concertgoers.

The "no alcohol allowed" rule is observed with about the same frequency as the speed limit on any remote highway.

It's good times.

Here's a photo!

I'm helpful!

Top 5: Memories from Winfield
5. Walking around a pitch black Pecan Grove.
4. The nap I took in the camper.
3. Watching Melissa's friends' group play on the big stage.
2. Seeing Melissa's other friends all night on the last night.
1. SPANK IT! The Carp Camp classic cheer.

“Way to be loud! And wrong!”
- Melissa -