#200 - Column #200 Extravaganza (a.k.a. “Tiny Celebration”)

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Motto: "Miles Stone" would be a sweet secret agent name.

This is Column #200*. Because 200 is a round number in our base 10 counting system, this particular post number marks some sort of milestone. Note that if we were counting in base 2, 4, 8, 12, or 16 this post would not be cause for celebration.

*200 isn't the real "Column" count. It's the count since I started writing Columns again at the end of college.
Some statistics:

# of Columns: 200
# of Days since Column #1: 906
# Days/Column: 4.53
# Columns/Day: 0.22075
# Page Views (as of right now): 19,945
# Page Views/Column: 99.725
# Post Views on Most Popular Post: 761
# Post Views on Second Most Popular Post: 149
# More Views My Most Popular and got Over My Second Most Popular Post: 612

The title of my Most Popular Post: Feature: The Marvel Cinematic Universe

What's going on there? That's weird.
Why do I write the Column? To answer that question I'm going to call upon a bit of "well duh" wisdom I once heard - "People don't do something over and over again unless they enjoy doing it." I enjoy writing. It helps me process things. My mind tends to wander, this helps keep me focused. I focus on a topic or series of topics, I let it wander like crazy for 10 minutes to an hour while I write, then I go back to the rest of life. This is to prevent me diverting 20% of my brainpower to whatever it is I'd write about for the entire day. I write because I'm a fan of the process. I'm a fan of the result. I'm NOT a fan of editing, which is pretty obvious most of the thyme. Maybe someday I'll get super interested in design. If I DO get super interested in design, the first thing I'll do is leave Blogger for greener pastures. I want something more closely resembling a website than a blog. Of course, doing so would mean that I'd have to migrate all my old content over... and if I'm doing that with my hypothetically improved standards, I'd have to go back and reread all my old posts... correcting grammatical mistakes, formatting mistakes, spelling misteaks, and the occasional missing picture file.

And finally, I guess I should mention that this is all step 7 of my 102-step plan to take over the world.

So, in short, horray 200!

Top 200: Columns (see previous 199 Columns - and this one - not necessarily in that order) Top 10: Quote Groups 10. XCKD - 7 9. Family - 9 8. Myself - 9 7. Comedians - 10 6. Random Strangers on the Internet - 11 5. Hypothetical Quotes (like last Column) - 14 4. Random Strangers in Person - 15 3. Friends I Don't Talk to Every Week - 18 2. Melissa - 18 (she's not in "family" or "friends", she's her own category) 1. Friends - 55 Top 5: Individual Quoters 5. Myself - 9 (this is a shameful practice) 4. Danielle - 9 3. Jon - 17 2. Melissa - 18 1. Josh - 23

"You should go through all Columns ever posted and see who gets quoted the most, then make a graph." - Jon, I went through all of the quotes. Here's a graph:
He didn't specify the graph needed to be related. -