#2 - Officially Blogger

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Motto: These “numbers” have been wrong for about 10 years

So, this is the “new” column.

I use quotation marks because this is the 5th iteration of “the column”. This one will hopefully move its way from the 5th longest used version to the first - as I don’t anticipate moving it again. Blogger is a Google-backed product. So long as that’s true, I figure it’s pretty much here to stay. The point of these “Bloggers” is to write “Blogs”. Seems logical. That’s essentially what this is (except, instead of sticking to a central theme that’s relevant to society and somehow helpful, I’ll just write about whatever and be wildly unproductive).

I estimate that I’ve probably written between 300 and 400 of these things in the past. This exact template has been the used for most of them (save the Tumblrs) so it seems like a winning combination. I’ll stick with this. Quick Evaluation of Blogger: I can Bold Italic & Underline quite easily. (even strikethrough) I can change the color of my text. I can insert links. I can insert YouTube videos easily (this might come in handy soon? (hint))

I can insert page breaks (there isn’t one here… but after the quote there is) I can center my text or even right-align it I can make my text seem more justifiable by justifying it. I did that, but if your browser is too wide you won’t be able to tell (and you have a HUGE monitor). insert numbered lists like this

or bullets like these Or quotes (this seems more like an indention than a quote) I can be a teenage girl and change the background of my text.

And change font.

I’m using “Trebuchet” by the way, because if I were a midevil war machine that’s what I’d be.

This should be fun. Sorry this was boring.

Top 5: Column Iterations (by length of use)

  1. Blogger (so far, the least)
  2. “The Daze” Xanga
  3. My Tumblr
  4. My Xanga
  5. My Website


“I watched your video… I didn’t get it” My Resident

See I told you there would be a page break