#195 - Social Networking & Blog Naming Conventions

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Motto: Person aaron = new Person("Aaron",26,80,227);

This post was written more because I had the opportunity and less because I actually had something to say. So, there's that.

Somewhere around a month ago I started up a Google Hangout with my cousins and the Best Man from my wedding. We've had this awesome running group conversation ever since. When Google+ became a thing I imagined that it was going to change everything. As it turned out, that never really happened (I don't really use any social networks any more). This group Hangout conversation feels like what you'd want from a "Social Network". It's a platform on which we can talk among ourselves, share pictures, and do whatever else we feel like.

The best Social Network is one that is constructed in the most similar fashion to regular social behavior. I want to talk to person A, person B, and person C. So I have a conversation with them. I don't have to write on person A's wall and tag persons B and C. I don't have to post a status update tagging all three people. I just do the thing that I want to do with a minimal amount of extra added junk.

Good on you, Google.

Come to think of it, "Good on you, Google" could pretty much be the name of this Blog.

Oooo I'm going to get meta for a second:

Here's an explicitly defined naming convention for everything you see here. This is a Column. It is a particular instance (post) of "The Column" which is a subset of the list things I'd ideally like to have on this Blog

What I'd LIKE to have is a Blog (website) that contains:
A - The Column (a list of individual Columns)
B - Videos (a section showing different videos I've made)
C - Features (a list of Columns that were "Feature" posts)
D - Projects (any content that I made specifically for projects, separated by project)
E - About (where I talk about who I am, what I do, and what all this is)
F - Miscellany (whatever else I feel like)

If I ever do get around to fulfilling the "make the Column a more legitimate thing" goal, it will probably look something like that. It may or may not be named "WVZ7X7". I like the whole "get results ONLY about me using 6 characters" thing, but I suppose "aarongilly" does just as well. I've done some loose mock ups of what the site would look like and how it would be architected, but I've got better things to do with my time.

Speaking of which, I gotta go. Gotta lift weights. Eat lunch. Get groceries. Learn some more Java. Do the weekly deep clean of the place.

The picture to go out on - here's my wife using her hair as a mustache here's a 6 second mockup of the website:

Look at how thorough and detailed it is.

Top 5: Goals for Next Week
5. Reach Lesson 9 on the Java Udacity Course, I want to get back onto the Android track.
4. Work out the 4 times I promised myself I'd always work out.
3. Dominate the sand volleyball games. I'm in a league. I haven't mentioned that here yet.
2. Keep things organized and under control at work.
1. Have a good time with my friends.

“I Googled 'Thug Love Songs'”
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