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This is a continuation of my previous few Columns. Re: Linux & video editing I've determined a new problem regarding Linux and video editing. The better of my two GoPros uses a filesystem type that Linux is incapable of reading. This filesystem type is hardcoded into the GoPro. There is no correction. The workaround is to use my Chromebook and a large flash drive to copy videos from the GoPro to the flash drive and then copy the videos from the flash drive to my Linux machine. It's annoying, but hardly a show-stopper. Glad that I found yet another use for my Chromebook! Overall, I'm very optimistic regarding Linux and video editing, though. Why you ask? I learned Lightworks... kinda. My analogy comparing Lightworks to a weird foreign language with horrible yet strict grammar rules still rings true - but I learned how to speak the sentence that I need to speak. I can take a clip, cut it down to a specific size, insert it into the timeline, and put a title in the corner. Keeping to the analogy, that's the only sentence I know how to say... but I'm getting pretty good at it. The workflow is actually faster than it was on my old editor thanks to some intelligent systeming on the part of Lightworks. After I figured out how to "speak my sentence" in Lightworks, I was able to cut together August 2013 from the new Second-a-day video in a surprisingly short amount of time.

So I'm feeling super optimistic all the sudden. It's not perfect, there are still nagging issues (framerate problems on individual clips), but I think I have workarounds for all of my problems. Re: Fitness Baseline I'm really excited about this idea. Last night I ran three miles. It was slow, I had to walk some, but but I don't care. I completed the full three. I never stopped. I'm not sure I've ever actually run 3 miles before. Here's the rest of the plan: I will measure all metrics over the course of a single week. This will keep things consistent and help keep the samples discrete. By the end of this week I will have data to complete this list - 1 mile time: 3 mile time: 29 minutes, 40 seconds Plank time: Pushup rep number: 34 Pullup rep number: 10 Press weight: 130 Bench weight: Squat weight: 250 Deadlift weight: Yoga... feeling: Okay, not great. Need to work on hip flexibility and balance. Body weight: 224.4 I wish I had something on that list to measure explosiveness or agility. Those things are hard to measure, though. Maybe I'll think of something. Look for a completed fitness baseline sometime this weekend or early next week.

Maybe I should add a "fitness" tag. I don't think tags get used much. Probably because they aren't very useful. Honestly, this whole blog thing could use some TLC. Re: the rest of life Things are really great.
Like, really great.
Melissa and I are behind on doing some final wedding stuff. We DO have video from the ceremony. We DO have professional photos from the day. We have some sharing to do. In due time.

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5. We were Promised Jetpacks
4. The Black Keys
3. The Shins
2. The Strokes
1. Modest Mouse

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