#181 - More on My Computer Reset + Portal

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Motto: Now I'm thinki0 0ng with Portals.

So. It's been a week since my last post. Why the semi-unusually long break between posts?

That's what happens when I accidentally reset my entire computing architecture to zero then spend all my spare time learning how to operate on Linux, learning what's possible, and making myself a new computer home. My old laptop, running a new OS, is now capable of video editing, photo editing, Android development, media streaming/backup, and videogaming. I set up those 5 things over the past 7 days. They are all free; and they all work just fine. In fact, I'm much more fond of my computer now than I was about 10 days ago when it ran the Windows setup I'd built out over the past 8 years.

I realized I'm not going to miss Windows 7. 

I also realized that my Playstation 3 is entirely unnecessary. 

My laptop is very much capable of playing games. Steam is cool. Games are easier to get, cheaper, and everything runs off a common platform. I was able to get Portal 1 up and running without much/any hassle. Portal is a ridiculously fun game that everyone should play. It's funny, smart, and incredibly unique. Just watch this:

I played through Portal 2 something like 2 years ago. Loved it. Wanted to play Portal 1, but it was a computer-only game. So, when I had access to a computer-based gaming system it was naturally my first choice. Portal came out in 2008 and I just played through it. There's a very very relevant XKCD for this situation:

So, back to my point, I do not play videogames often enough any more to really justify the Playstation. So, if anyone is looking to buy a PS3. I guess I'm selling.

Top 5: Things You Could Do This Weekend with Your Computer and Zero Dollars
5. Install a new, Linux-based Operating System. I chose Ubuntu 14.04.
4. Install the free version of Lightworks to start video editing and 
GIMP to start photo editing.
3. Install the MakeMKV beta & Handbrake to rip your DVD/Bluray collection. Install Plex to stream it throughout your network.
2. Install 
Steam to start using your computer as a legitimate gaming machine.
1. Install the Android Studio beta to start developing for the world's most used Operating System.

“Dude. They put up a flag and took my fan and put the fan on it so the flag billows in the wind.”
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