#156 - Showered and Writing

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Motto: Feel the Love

I'd like to start this post by saying wedding showers are awesome. I suggest you have one as soon as you can. I have access to all sorts of great pots and pans now. How not sarcastic I'm being right there scares me. If you told a younger me that I'd be excited by pans or a Crock Pot I would have laughed at you. You wouldn't even have to go back very far to find that version of me. 2 years ago I would have laughed at the idea. Not today. I guess that means I'm officially old. On a more serious note, Melissa and I's wedding shower in Wichita was this weekend. The response from the community was amazing. I speak for both of us when I say that the support, love, and acceptance we both felt was overwhelming. I owe my most sincere thank you to everyone who thought of us. Also in Wichita: Krista's birthday. Also in Wichita: I almost lost to a 9 year old in a game of Horsh. Also in Wichita: For an hour I threw a ball up a flight of stairs and caught it as it bounced its way down. Here's a poem. No, wait... Here's what (I'm calling) poetry. Really, it would be better denoted by the term "wordplay", but the tag I set up is poetry. So I'm calling it poetry. Really it's just me taking an idea and seeing how far I can make it go:

  • Left & Right & Wrong
  • Love & War & Peace & Harmony
  • Volunteer & Give & Take & Bake
  • Bob & Tom & Jerry & Elaine (that one kind of feels like cheating)
  • Thunder & Lightning & Thunder & Lightning &... (that one is definitely cheating)

Anyone else who can come up with a longer daisy chain of words commonly paired together, separated by "&" wins. No infinite loops, cheaters!
Here's another thing I'll call a poem: I Need Information This Instant, Act Like I'm Simple Minded

That was a mnemonic for the word "initialism" which used an initialism.

Here's the picture to go out on - for those of us who thought for sure KU was going to beat Stanford and make it into the Sweet Sixteen:

Top 5: Other Word Pair Daisy Chains
5. In & Out & About
4. Be Fruitful & Multiply & Divide & Conquer
3. Cough & Cold & Hot & Bothered
2. Alive & Well & Good & Bad
Mom & Pop & Lock & Key & Peele (new high score!)

"Some water fell of your Nalgene when you were messing with it. You didn't wet yourself."- My boss, after our 3rd one-on-one meeting when I realized the front of my pants and my chair somehow got wet -