#153 - Man Week

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Motto: It's What You Make of It

Melissa is in Wichita this week. That means I am going to have a manly week. I'm going to fill my manly week with manly things: Weightlifting Eating chicken Watching basketball Eating beef Working hard at work Drinking water Sleeping like a log Eating vegetables Playing basketball Drinking milk Seeing bros Watching dumb videos on YouTube That's the summary of my week to come. I went to the store and had a repeat of the most satisfying grocery run I've ever had: 45% meats, eggs, and milk. 45% fruits and vegetables, 10% other garbage. That garbage was a can of Mt. Dew Kickstart, the new Limeade one. Also, I got some beef Jerky... but that's not bad. It's delicious.

I'm going to take advantage of a man week.

I started by playing some manly basketball... and by manly basketball, I mean manly volleyball.


Man stuff includes low-brow humor. I'm going to watch South Park and leave this Column off with an example of other such humor:

Top 5: Chromecastable Apps
5. Hulu+ - it's cheaper and better than cable.
4. Pocket Casts podcast app - as of yesterday
3. Pandora - great background music
2. Google Play Music - great foreground music
1. Netflix - one app to rule them all.

“My 16 year old is addicted to Chipotle.”
- my coworker, confirming his kid is normal -