#150 - Meta Cheese

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Motto: It's Good for You

One hundred fifty. I've written one hundred fifty Columns since the inception of the Blogger-based Column. "#1 - Why do this thing again?" was posted on March 16th, 2012. That was 725 days ago, very nearly two years ago. In the past two years, I've written just over 1 post every 5 days, and I don't regret a thing.

Even high school me approves:

I love writing. I like talking. I have been known to flirt with drawing. I had a passing glance at singing. I forgot dancing's name and have since been awkwardly avoiding situations where dancing and I might have to interact. But I love writing. It's like talking, except you can't get interrupted. The reader has no direct boredom feedback mechanism, so you feel free to go wherever the sentences take you. You have ample time to say what you actually want to say. If you have long enough, you can say it concisely. You have the privileged of takesies-backsies. Writing is therapeutic. Writing is liberating. Writing is fun. I'm glad I do it. I've written one hundred fifty Columns; and I don't feel like stopping any time soon. Interestingly, I don't like writing about writing. I think it's tacky, cliched, or maybe just cheesy. Speaking of therapeutic things, I changed up my workout. My new routine incorporates heavy lifting, High Intensity Interval Training, and general cardio. It's probably the best workout I've ever crafted in terms of overall health benefits. That's largely because I blatantly stole it from my cousin, who has underwent a very impressive and well-earned body transformation over the past 5 months. Writing nurtures the mind. Exercising nurtures the body. What about the spirit? Melissa nurtures the spirit - as do my friends and family. Still, I'd like to find something to feel a little more "free", now that I'm cooped up in an 8x10 cubical 40 hours a week. Current lead candidate: bicycling. Only, there's a problem. I rode my bicycle to work today. It took me 30 minutes to ride a distance that I can easily walk in 20. I spent more time doing en route repairs on the side of the road than I did riding. I planned on getting a better bike after the wedding, but that timeframe might get pushed forward aggressively if I can't fix my problem.

Top 5: GoPro Accessories5. Handlebar Mount - Also good for mounting on railings. 4. Suction Cup Mount - Great for automotive/weather timelapses. 3. The Frame - Good if you want to have usable sound in your video. 2. The head mount - the first person perspective is the single coolest application of a GoPro. 1. The chest mount - like the head mount, only less prone to causing motion sickeness or coming off when you jump into a river.

“You going to trade that in for a Hello Kitty bike?”
- random guy from my new office -