#129 - 24th Year Swell and Engagement Photo

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Motto: the Approval of Random Internet Strangers

Three months ago, I put this video on YouTube:

Up until 14 hours ago, that video had been watched 232 times. In the past 14 hours, it has been seen 21,378 times. 

The top post on Reddit this morning was a guy who made a similar but different video. The top comment to that post was another guy who said he had attempted something like that a few months back, but ultimately failed because his life "wasn't interesting enough". The top comment in response to that was me, saying I attempted something like that a year ago, and doing so makes your life interesting. I posted a link, then forgot about it until after lunch. When I saw the response it was getting, my jaw dropped. Most of my day today has been spent reading comments and generally feeling good about myself.

Since I started writing this post, that video has been watched an additional 144 times. That's gross.

No, that's a gross. Yeah.

In other, more important news...

Melissa and I had engagement photos taken this weekend by our future wedding photographers. They gave us a preview of what's to come:

We're excited. Also - cute.

Top 5: Consistent Themes from the new Comments about My Video
5. People mistook me as having some official offiliation with Google (be that an employee, or spokesperson, or some other role)
4. People were interested in the Demetri List and wanted a copy for themselves
3. People thought my fiance was beautiful - people were right
2. People wanted to make a video just like it
1. People approved. There was only one negative comment the whole day. Keeping in mind this is the internet, that's got to be some sort of a record.

“The way you say 'poop' is very dainty compared to the way you normally talk”
- Emily -