#127 - October Project Ended 4 Days Shy

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Motto: If you can't eat it you don't need it.

I'm ending the October Project a few days early. First I'm going to post the picture you've probably already noticed. Next, I'm going to share with you my subjective and objective results. Finally, I'm going to reflect and give you my thoughts on the whole thing.


  • I feel like I fit clothes a bit better. 
  • My walk can now slightly more accurately be described as a "lumber".
  • My hair got a little shorter, my shorts changed color, and I adorned wrist accessories.
  • My head circumference was off by 0.25 inches. Either I got way smarter or my measurements have a 0.25 inch margin of error. I used a control because science.
  • My chest (under armpits and around) and my waist both grew by over an inch.
  • My forearms, arms, and neck all grew by at least half an inch.
  • My upper and lower legs and stomach didn't grow beyond my margin of error.
  • I gained 7 pounds.
Reflection & Thoughts: 
  • One of the strangest things about this whole project - I felt full for 2 weeks straight.
  • Definitely the strangest thing about the project - my scary consistent macronutrient ratios. The largest change in ratio was an increase in carbs by 0.25%; 1 part in 400.
  • I successfully went 4 weeks without a highly caffeinated beverage... and it suuucked. It was the worst part of the whole project. I didn't feel like I was experiencing "withdrawal" at any point. No headaches or anything. I just found myself wanting one.
  • Despite my seemingly positive results, I underachieved in nearly every way. My average calorie intake was just under 3500, as opposed to my goal of 4000. My protein intake was 170 when I aimed for at least 200. I wonder what could have been...
I ended the project after a particularly busy streak of 4 days got my data entry behind too far to be recorded with accuracy. I ended up having to nix all of last week's Life Tracking.

On a related note - I ate 2600 calories today. Just below my average before this whole October shenanigan started.

In other project-news:

The Mark 4 (my still newish car) is now the home of my 4th iteration of the EDC kit I keep in my trunk. It has gone by various names. I'm calling this one the "Trunk Monkey" as an homage to this video:

Anyway, without further dudes - here's what I have now:

Things I've already included:
  • 5'x7' tarp
  • Poncho
  • Camp towel
  • Office supplies (post its and a couple pens you can't see)
  • Unlabeled Altoid tin that currently has nothing in it
  • Altoid Tin First Aid Kit
  • Pack of cards
  • Temporarily empty bin
  • Flashlight
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Flathead/phillips screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Locking pliers
  • A very simple Leatherman (basically just a knife and pliers)
  • Paracord
  • Small Altoid tin full of Acetaminophen
  • Terrible gloves that need replacement
  • Gear ties
Things I haven't gotten in there yet:
  • More office supplies (binder and paper clips, rubber bands, sharpies, etc)
  • Something for that unlabeled Altoid tins
  • Something for that entirely empty bin
  • A way to make fire
  • More Small Altoid tins with various other small things
  • Better gloves
The picture to go out on - this Halloween I dressed as a cat person. It was scary.


Top 5: Upcoming Instances of the Number 4
5. The Trunk Monkey 4. Incoming.
4. PlayStation 4. November 15th.
3. Nexus 4 with LTE (and the Nexus 5). Halloween?
2. Android 4.4. Also Halloween?
1. Battlefield 4. Tomorrow.

“I can definitely tell you've gotten bigger around your midsection”
- Melissa's not-so-veiled way of calling me fat -