#126 - Late is Better than Never

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Motto: I wish they played basketball in the NBA

I've kind of decided the whole "Wednesday Sunday" update thing will be more like a guideline than a rule. I'll try to do two a week. Because this is Wednesdays post - I guess that means I have to write one tomorrow too?

Wednesday I couldn't write because I went to Wichita to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder play the Chicago Bulls. I've never watched an NBA game in person, so I made sure to take advantage of the opportunity. Generally, I don't like the NBA. You don't see the passion and you don't see the teamwork that I'm used to watching in college ball. I hoped that it would be different if I watched it in person - maybe it was just the magic of television making the players look like they didn't care. It wasn't. They don't look like they care about basketball. The only time I really saw anyone show any real semblance of passion was when they had a chance to make themselves look good.

That's my problem with the NBA. Unchecked egos ruin the game. It's never "The Thunder vs. the Bulls", it's "Kevin Durant and the Thunder vs. Derrick Rose and the Bulls". Basketball is supposed to be a team sport. You ruined it.

Apple announced new hardware. The next Macbook, Mac Pro, iPad, and iPad mini were all put out and I don't have much to say about any of them, but I DO have one thing to say about something else from their announcement... They are now officially giving away all of their non-pro software for free. Upgrades to their OS are free. Their office/productivity suite "iWork" is free. Their multimedia suite "iLife" is free. Apple is now giving away their software to draw people into buying their hardware. I love this move. This is a direction I'm very glad to see Apple going in and I'm interested to see how this changes the landscape of the technological ecosystem.

I want to clear up a common misconception about me - I'm not anti-Apple. I'm Pro-Google, Apple-curious, and anti-Microsoft.

Oh - One thing I guess I DO have to say about the new iPad Mini. It is a massive upgrade over the original iPad Mini. It is no longer put to shame by Google's Nexus 7 devices. They are very equally matched in this generation. The iPad Mini is almost double the price, but hey. You should expect that at this point.

Update on the October Project so far

Avg. Calories: 3485 (down 3% from last time)
Avg. Protein: 170 (down 4%)
Missed Workouts: 8 (I've done 11 out of the 19 I planned on)

Top 5: Upgrades I'd Love to Make but Can't Afford
5. Phone Camera -> Low-tier DSLR ($500)
4. Laptop -> Chromebook ($300)
3. GoPro Hero 3 Silver -> GoPro Hero 3+ Black ($400)
PlayStation 3 -> PlayStation 4 ($400)
1. Nexus 4 -> Nexus 5 (~$400)

“You're a cat person.”
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