#125 - The Mighty and the Mischievous

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Motto: He then let out a mighty, roaring mew

Melissa and I each got a kitten. We named them Thor and Loki and they are awesome. I am going to dedicate this Column to gushing about the kittens. I'm going to get out all of the crazy kitten pictures out of my system. Starting now.

Thor and Loki
They Play
They Fall Asleep Reading Reddit
They Stay Ever Vigilant 
They Respect and Fear the Hulk
All pictures taken by Melissa. She wanted credit. I'm giving her credit both for the pictures and for wanting the credit for the pictures.

Continuing with the kitten theme - I made this recording earlier today:

About the cats - they are interesting. I'm going to probably tell some stories about them at some point because they are interesting. They have these complex and unique personalities. They are so interesting.

The following video is a one minute commitment:

Column #125 - The Asgardians - Volume 1 from Aaron Gillespie on Vimeo.

I had to create a Vimeo account and upload that to Vimeo because YouTube muted the audio around which the structure of the video was built.

This seemed to me like the perfect picture to go out on:

Top 5: Poetic Pet Peeves
5. When people refer to "consciousness" as some sort of strange living being that is beyond their control.
4. Using obscure words for the sake of using obscure words.
3. Bad or simple rhymes or rhyme schemes.
2. Any usage of "Living in a world of..."
1. A metaphor or other attempt at deep thought that has to constantly explain itself.

“I never pegged you as a cat person”
- Jon, and no, I'm still not a cat person -