#115 - An Internet Video & Picture

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Motto: dnekeeW sdrawkcaB A

I don’t have much to say today.

If you enjoy things that are funny, you should watch this video:

EDITOR’S NOTE FROM THE FUTURE - this video is gone now. :-(

I was the top post on Reddit’s “r/tall” sub a few days back. I posted this picture:

That picture has been viewed over 25 thousand times, according to the hosting service.

I’ve been taking a break from Life Tracking lately. I’m not sure where the motivation went, but it’s certainly gone somewhere. I do have 14 full weeks tracked, but I’ve been supposedly doing this since 21 weeks ago.

My original goal was to do it for a year… or half a year at least. That’s going to take a while when I keep taking weeks off.

I’ve turned Melissa into a fellow Dominion player. She beat be today… two times… out of two games.

In order to keep with what I normally write about, I should probably just say this: Apple iPhone 5S. Samsung Smartwatch. GoPro action camera. Fitness. Fitness. Android. Fitness.

Oh, and I should mention that I have received several bits of fantastic news lately that has made my week awesome. None of those things are really my business to write about, though. Just use your imagination.

Top 5: Android Voice Commands I Didn’t Know About

  1. “When will my package arrive?”
  2. “Show me my pictures from (insert location here).” [works if you have geotagging enabled on your camera]
  3. “When is my next doctor’s appointment?”
  4. “What is (insert contact name here)’s home address?” [works if you have that information stored for that contact]
  5. “How long will it take me to drive Taco Bell?


“You think you’re hilarious” a fair and valid observation made by several close friends… who all suck