#114 - Test Redesign & The Future of the Column

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Motto: Change is Necessary for Growth

I got tired of white text on a black background. What you see now is what I’m going to go with for the time being. It’s not perfect. It’s not what I had envisioned; but what I had envisioned is either not possible in Blogger or possible but really really difficult to pull off.

All the old posts I’ve ever written are on the left. I have a link to my YouTube channel up above. This change is only somewhat halfway done. I wanted to take the blog and make it a little more multi-faceted. Give a page for drawings. A page for poetry and prose.

I don’t actually know what “prose” constitutes. I wouldn’t know what prose was if I read it. I wouldn’t stop and say “oh, this must be prose”. It’s one of those words you use that you only know via its context.

Just Googled the definition of “prose”. Turns out I’ve been writing prose all along… so I guess it wouldn’t get it’s own page.

All in all, I’m interested in expanding the scope of this blog into something that’s more “website” like than “blog” like. The problem is that’s not what Blogger is good for; and I like Blogger.

Maybe I’ll get a Squarespace domain. It’s $8/month. I don’t know if I can justify that cost in my head… yet.

I am now using AIO Wireless as my wireless service provider. AIO is a new provider, a subsidiary of AT&T with a unique focus on simplicity. There are no contracts. There are no overages. There are no fees. So far, I’m liking the service and I’m very optimistic about my continued experience with them.

The picture to go out on - a photosphere from possible wedding venue number sixtytwelvehundred:

EDITOR’S NOTE FROM THE FUTURE - this image was lost to time.

Top 5: Digital Service Subscriptions Worth Paying For (in order of importance)

  1. Google Play Music All Access - $10/month
  2. Audible Audiobooks - $15/month — this is where I draw the line, it’s my next potential subscription
  3. Amazon Prime - $6.58/month ($79/year)
  4. Netflix - $8/month (streaming)
  5. Google Drive - $5/month (100 GB)


“Is this an ad for Android?” some Redditor said this when I posted my second-a-day video a month ago