#113 - Even shorter post, mostly about GIFs

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Motto: Graphics Interchange Format

Here’s a GIF.

EDITOR’S NOTE FROM THE FUTURE. This was lost to history.

Google’s Autoawesome feature on Google+ stitched together several photos I took to make that animated GIF. Autoawesome is awesome.

Speaking of GIFs, there was a weird resurgence of my JIF GIF again three days ago.

I woke up and read the column I posted on Wednesday. I clicked the “JIF GIF” link from the Top 5 and scrolled down. I found this:

That’s an Australian kid that looks like a scrawnier, more braces-having version of me doing a cover GIF using a cleaning product they have down there called “JIF”.

Later that same day, the very popular and well-established site “Imgur.com” created a community on Google+ called “Best of GIFs”. Their inaugural post made my day.

I know I wrote about the JIF GIF a couple of posts back. I don’t want to keep writing about it. So I’m going to stop.

This weekend was great. Productive. Fun. The works.


Danielle’s cat typed that “2”.

I told you this was going to be short.

Top 5: Companies I Refuse to Support Because of Their Stupid Ads

  1. GoDaddy. Their over-sexed Super Bowl commercials make positively zero sense for the product they sell. They are over the top and low brow. GoDaddy sucks.
  2. Old Navy used to have really dumb commercials. They’ve cut back on them, though. They’re safe.
  3. Every single politician that has ever been on TV ever.
  4. Progressive. Flo is annoying.
  5. Microsoft. Microsoft is the worst offender here. The ads for the original Surface were a bunch of people dancing around waving the thing all about. They were visually appealing, but lacked any information about the device. They might have been waving around an electric scale. The Scroogled ads against Google are horrible and misleading - not to mention terribly produced, acted, and written. Lastly, the new iPad bashing apps they have for the Surface. They use Siri’s voice to point out how you “can’t plug in a USB port” and how the iPad doesn’t have a keyboard like the Surface does. The keyboard costs extra and you can buy a keyboard case for the iPad for the same amount, and nobody should be using a USB port on a tablet. The target audience for all of their ads seems to be only the most uniformed, unintelligent potential customer.


“…another thing about farts that’s awesome…” a girl I heard the other day