#107 - New Car Smell

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Motto: Yaaaaaaay Debt!

It’s Sunday night. This is the second of the scheduled updates. It’s a going to be a nice, short post.

For the past 10 years of my life I have been a member of the car driving community, but not of the car owning community. I’ve been issued hand-me-downs and even a car of my own by my ridiculously supportive parents… but I’ve never really owned one.

Or, I hadn’t, until yesterday when I bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.

The specs I cared about:

  • I can fit in it
  • It has four tires
  • It has an engine
  • It gets >30 miles per gallon
  • It was in my price range
  • Bonus: it has another engine
  • Bonus: it has Bluetooth (which I love)
  • Bonus: it’s push-button start
  • Bonus: it looks alright (IMHO)

Without further ado (I say that pretending you hadn’t already noticed this picture)…


Mark IV

I struggled coming up with a subtitle for that photo because it was to be the name of the vehicle. I was going to do an anagram for “Sonata Hybrid”, but the list of acronyms I came up with were pretty unflattering…

  • Rash Antibody
  • Abstain, Hydro
  • A Handy Bistro
  • Brandy is Oath
  • Hi, Yon Bastard!

“Mark IV” is much better.

That’s the column, folks.

To go out on, here’s a picture of me in a Hulk mask:


I think my face is a bit larger than this mask’s intended audience

Top 5: Drawbacks of Having Your Own, New Car

  1. The “I’m getting a new car soon anyway” safety net is gone from your driving
  2. You actually want to keep it clean, which takes effort
  3. People assume you’re an adult when you own a car despite pictures on the internet of you wearing masks designed for 11-year-olds proving that you’re in no way mature
  4. Keeping up with paperwork and legalities
  5. Paying for your own car


“HULK EMPATHIZE!” Melissa, after she was venting to me while I was wearing the Hulk mask