#10 - Quick. Then Redone.

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Motto: This is a vacation

That’s what I’m calling it at least. A vacation after school before getting my first big boy job. I’m not sure what that job will be (some sort of Electrical Engineering) or where it will be (probably Kansas), but I’m sure it will be satisfying. I’ve been in Lawrence for a few days now. I’ve been to the library, I’ve been around town looking at some of the things I was too busy to see in college. I like it here. I’ve been genuinely happy. It’s been a nice vacation.

Having said all that. I’m finally “settled”, and that means it’s time to be a little more proactive. I ran ~a mile and a half yesterday and I was sucking wind. I didn’t anticipate doing well, and I definitely put on just as poor of a performance as I was expecting. Next week I’m going to the rec center every day.

I went to Kansas City to see my former lab partners. We played Settlers of Catan. I lost. We played Set (it’s a card game that the three of us learned in our respective “gifted” courses). I lost. I did however figure out how many cards could be put down before a Set was guaranteed. That was good.

Well, I wanted to keep going, but I should probably do some work. I will leave this post with a picture I found of a dude who looks more like me (minus the ridiculous hair) than anyone else I’ve ever seen. Cover up his mullet, imagine the mustache away and tell me who that looks just like.

my ancestor

Top 5: My Favorite Movies

  1. Pulp Fiction
  2. 500 Days of Summer
  3. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
  4. The Boondock Saints
  5. Fight Club


“Whenever this doesn’t stay together it makes me feel like my burrito is falling apart” - Danielle, wrapping up a story about the Settlers of Catan board falling apart